Experience the Solar Eclipse at Unity of Dayton

Join us for a spectacular viewing of the solar eclipse on our spacious 7-acre grounds at Unity of Dayton. Our unique venue bridges science and spirituality, featuring a labyrinth, peace pole, prairie path, wetland area, and a playground. There’s ample space for picnicking and yard games, making it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the celestial event. As the moon obscures the sun, you can also participate in our prayer and meditation service. Located in Dayton, Ohio, we’re right in the path of the total solar eclipse.

Safety is Our Priority!

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees, we kindly ask that you arrive by 2 PM. Please use parking lights only to minimize light interference during the eclipse viewing.

Countdown to Eclipse

Explore Our Grounds

Labyrinth, Peace Pole, Nature Paths, Playground

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our grounds at Unity of Dayton. Wander through our intricate labyrinth, a symbol of spiritual journey and meditation. Stand by our peace pole, a testament to our hope for world harmony. Stroll along our nature paths, where the beauty of the natural world unfolds around you. For our younger guests or the young at heart, our playground offers a space for joy and laughter. Each element of our grounds is designed to provide a serene and reflective experience.

Join a Meditation

As the Moon Meets the Sun

Embrace a moment of inner peace during this astronomical wonder. As the moon aligns with the sun, we invite you to join a special meditation session. This is a rare opportunity to reflect and connect with the universe during a spectacular celestial event. Our guided meditation will focus on the harmony between science and spirituality, aligning with the rhythm of the cosmos.

Arrival Instructions

🕑 Arrive by 2 PM Using Parking Lights

For the best eclipse viewing experience, we request that you arrive by 2 PM. To ensure minimal light interference during the eclipse, please use only your parking lights when entering and settling in the parking area. This consideration will help maintain the optimal dark environment for everyone to enjoy the eclipse to its fullest.

Eclipse Glasses Available

👓 $3 Each or 4 for $10

Protect your eyes and enhance your viewing experience with our eclipse glasses. Available for purchase at $3 each or get a set of four for just $10. These glasses are specially designed to safely view the eclipse, filtering out harmful solar radiation and allowing you to witness this incredible event directly.

Event Guidelines

🚫 Alcohol, Smoke, Vape, and Firearm-Free Event

We are committed to providing a safe and family-friendly environment. Please note that alcohol, smoking, vaping, and firearms are strictly prohibited on the premises. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines, ensuring a pleasant and secure experience for all attendees.