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Rev. Sharon Renae

About Our Minister

Rev. Sharon Renae

Ordained Unity Minister, Ordained Universal Life Church Minister, Founder of The Light Spiritual Education Ministries, Soul Realignment Practitioner(R), Certified Reiki Master, DNA Theta Healing Practitioner

Sharon Renae’s spiritual journey is both transformative and inspiring. In August 2019, while journeying in an RV, she felt a divine calling to become a Unity Minister. This led her to serve her first Unity church in February 2020 and, after dedication and unwavering faith, she was ordained in June 2022. Sharon is not only an ordained Unity minister but has also enriched her spiritual essence through the Unity Ministerial Field Program and her role as a professional intuitive medium and spiritual coach for over three decades.

From her early years, Sharon developed an intrinsic bond with spirit, fostering conversations and nurturing relationships based on trust and faith. Notably, she healed herself from an autoimmune disease using the transformative power of affirmative prayer and unwavering belief in divine healing. This miraculous journey has only deepened her faith, emphasizing that with divine guidance and belief, one can conquer the seemingly unconquerable.

Sharon’s ministerial approach is one of empowerment and inspiration. By sharing her vulnerabilities, she connects with her community, teaching them that growth, even through discomfort, is an essential part of the human journey. Her passion lies in presenting the Unity message in modern terms and in championing for inclusive causes such as LGBTQ+ rights. Under her leadership, Unity of Dayton has ventured into new terrains, launching the metaphysical store, Amethyst Haven, and fostering awareness of social justice.

Beyond her ministry, Sharon is a lover of self-growth, continually seeking new knowledge. She’s an artist, writer, and soul-portrait painter. In her downtime, she enjoys spending quality moments with her husband, Rick, trying new recipes, and indulging in creative projects.

Sharon is also continuing the outreach to Unity churches and Silent Unity in other countries, fostering a global community of spirituality and understanding. Her efforts contribute to the global Unity movement, promoting love, peace, and oneness across borders.

Sharon lives by the mantra, “Thank You God, Thank You God, Thank You God! YES! Thank you for all that I have and all that I have yet to receive! I am happy, I am healthy and I am wealthy and I am loved! Amen.” She envisions Unity of Dayton as a beacon of love, peace, and harmony, radiating Christ energy and emphasizing the oneness with God.

To all who venture into Unity of Dayton, Sharon extends a warm invitation, emphasizing the importance of each individual, celebrating diversity and inclusivity, and urging all to share their unique light with the community.

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