Greetings Friend,

time of new beginnings

Happy New Year! It is 2018 and a time of new beginnings.

You have been granted a release from the past and you now hold the key to new experiences, adventure, greater love, and deeper peace. It might be a year full of ease and grace. It might also be a little messy! We don’t have the details yet, but this I know for certain…you, me, every one of us, we are constantly and tenderly held in God’s love. The Love of God enfolds and sustains us through every change, those that we want and those that we don’t want. So, while we’re here trying to figure out what’s next, God is with us and within us, reminding us to find joy in the now.

The New Year is bringing change to Unity of Dayton

As you may know, Rev. Chase has been working at Unity of Dayton and with Great Lakes Region Unity. She has requested to reduce her hours at Unity of Dayton and we’ve reevaluated the roles she’ll play here. Going forward, Rev. Chase will be working an average of 12 hours per week and will primarily be responsible for our Youth and Family Ministry and for coordinating special events. She will occasionally share a Sunday message with us as well.

Rev. Sue will continue to coordinate the Pastoral Care Ministry and Prayer Team. As you know she is a gifted spiritual counselor with a deep prayer consciousness. We are so blessed!

This change means that, in addition to my other activities, I’ll also be coordinating the service ministries. This includes the Usher Team, Landscape Team, Mowing Team, and Hospitality among others. We may not always do things as we’ve done them in the past, and that’s okay. It may even be a little messy! It’s likely that everything will run smoothly most of the time, though I will most certainly need your help and understanding along the way.

If you’ve been involved in sacred service at Unity in the past

THANK YOU! We appreciate you! In every family there are “chores” to be done, and from personal experience I know that being involved in sacred service really helps us to feel more at home in our church family. If you haven’t been in service, or haven’t been for a long time, please give it some thought and prayer. Very soon I may be asking, “Would you be willing to…?” Remember, you are constantly and tenderly held in God’s love. It’s okay to step out in faith and say yes!

It is my prayer that the love at Unity enfolds and sustains you through every change. Together we will look for the joy of God that’s waiting for us in every moment. Together, we will go forward to more adventure, greater love, and deeper peace in 2018. So bring it on! It’s going to be a fantastic New Year!

In Love and Joy,

Rev. Cindy

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