Greetings Friend,

At Unity of Dayton, the beauty of autumn weather is upon us. The nights are cool and the days are warm. In the next few weeks, we’ll also enjoy the beauty of the leaves changing color. Every year, without fail, the trees release their leaves to the earth. For the trees, letting go is a good and necessary part of the ongoing growth process.

Though we may not always accept change so readily, the same cycle of release and renewal is vital to our own spiritual unfoldment. A tree doesn’t try to hang onto the old leaves. It simply doesn’t benefit them to do so. Nature has it planned so that new leaves will grow abundantly in the right season. The same is true for us. Letting go of the old makes room for the new! So, each fall season I like to ask myself, “What am I holding on to that is no longer serving my highest good?” If nothing else, there must be some summer clothing that I can give away! Perhaps I might also have some old beliefs that are ready to be released.

In October, we are beginning a new lesson series based on The Keys to the Kingdom: An Advanced Course in Prosperity Consciousness Building by David Owen Ritz. One of the Keys to the Kingdom involves making room for the new by letting go of the old. This “Law of Circulation” is true for material things, and it’s even more important regarding our old limiting beliefs.

Whenever you feel as though life has lost its joy, you’re being called to change some old belief. The good news is, you can gently release the old, simply by appropriating-taking hold of-new beliefs that are in alignment with your True Nature as a spiritual being. And because a belief is just a thought that you keep thinking, you can change your thoughts. Your new thoughts will change your life!

If there’s something in your life that you wish would “fall away,” I invite you to begin the process by taking hold of the new. You are a co-creator with God. The past has no power over you! As we study The Keys to the Kingdom, I invite you to affirm a new thought and form a new belief in True Abundance. Join me each day by stating Catherine Ponder’s affirmation… “I am open and receptive to my highest good now.” Commitment to this process of change is the first Key to the Kingdom.

As the dried and spent leaves are falling from the trees, may you remember that your old limiting thoughts are also gently dropping away. This autumn, may you find yourself immersed in bountiful blessings! See you next Sunday for the second Key to the Kingdom.

In gratitude and love,

Rev. Cindy

Our prosperity affirmation:

God is the Source of Unity of Dayton’s limitless supply.

As the Spirit of God works in, through, and as me, I gratefully receive and generously give.

I live in appreciation and am prospered in all my ways. Thank you God!

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