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It’s now December, a time when children are excited by the magic of Christmas, and people of faith are open to greater love and possibility. This month at Unity of Dayton we are engaging in an intention experiment. If we believe the promise found in Mark 11:24, “Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you will receive it, and you will,” then we ought to be able to prove it. The following is a transcript of my Sunday message from November 26, 2017. I hope you find it interesting enough to read to the end. My prayer is that you’ll join in our intention experiment. God bless you!

I believe the first step in conscious creation is to ask yourself, “What is my intention?” We’re all involved in Unity because of Myrtle Fillmore’s intention. In an April 1890 issue of Thought magazine, Myrtle announced the opening of a new department called the Society of Silent Help. The announcement was, “A little band in this city have agreed to meet, in silent soul communion every night at 10 o’clock, all those who are in trouble, sickness, or poverty, and who sincerely desire the help of the Good Father.”
To join in silent soul communion, you only had to agree to “sit in a quiet, retired place… at 10 o’clock every night and hold in silent thought, for not less than 15 minutes, the words that shall be given each month by the editor of this department.” Those words came to be known as “class thoughts,” and since neither time or space matters to Spirit, everyone could sit at 10 o’clock local time. The “little band” was Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore and a few neighbors and friends.

Sometimes they sang to get into the spirit, then Myrtle or her husband, Charles, led with affirmative prayer. The group then became quiet and meditated on the idea of God until they could feel God’s presence in themselves. In communion with God and each other, they then stated their affirmations. Soon, people all over the country were in silent communion with them, and letters began to pour in asking for prayer and giving thanks for answered prayer. We are here today, in Unity, because of Myrtle Fillmore’s powerful intention to help people to heal their lives through the power of the indwelling Christ presence.

Another person with a powerful intention is Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field, The Intention Experiment, and The Bond. The Field is about the quantum field of infinite potential from which all that is physical arises. The Intention Experiment is about using your thoughts to change your life and the world. The Bond is about consciousness and our oneness. Her latest book is called, The Power of Eight: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World. It’s a deeper look into the miracle working power of intention in small groups of people.

McTaggart had done previous experiments with large numbers of people. When she was doing workshops, she put people into groups of eight. One person would ask the others to hold an intention for their healing. She played music to help them focus, and they sent thoughts of wholeness to the person. McTaggart-who is basically a reporter and scientist-was mystified by the miraculous results she was seeing. People were being healed! She wrote, “I’m referring to genuine loaves-and-fishes-type miraculous events…situations in which people were being instantly healed of all sorts of physical conditions after being assembled into a small group and sent a collective healing thought.” This rattled everything she thought she know about the nature of human beings. She started out to understand how spiritual healing works, and she came away with an altogether new view of reality-a new understanding of the nature of consciousness, our human capacity, and the power of the collective. And like Myrtle Fillmore, Lynne McTaggart learned that the real story is about the miraculous power we each have within us.

By the way, Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, would not have considered what McTaggart was seeing to be “miracles.” They only SEEM like miracles because we haven’t understood the workings of spiritual law up until now. And science is beginning to catch up with spirituality. In research study after research study, the power of collective intention is being validated. As it is written in Matt 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Gathered together “in my name” means “in my nature.” We’re going beyond creating merely through physical means. We’re going beyond creating with the human intellect. It has to be body, mind, and SPIRIT.

Myrtle Fillmore worked in a small group to send healing energy, and so did Lynne McTaggart. We have the creative power of God within us. It has always been there! And when we hold collective intentions, we can change our lives and change the world.

The question, “What are your intentions?” is a very important question! That’s where it all starts. We’re co-creators with God! And an equally important question is, “Are we awake and aware, consciously creating?” Or are we creating by default…just banging around, hoping for the best?

So what does this look like for us…for you and me? We have the opportunity in this spiritual community to co-create whatever we desire. And we begin by stating a powerful intention. To do that, we want to be in a high state of consciousness. Like the Fillmores, maybe we listen to music, pray, have a time of silence where we feel the presence of God.

This is important because our intention can come from our human sense of limitation or our spiritual awareness of all possibility. For example, are we fighting against war or calling for peace? Are we looking to fix something, or are we wanting to build something? Are we seeing a problem to be solved, or is it a question to be answered? Do you see the difference? Problems can feel overwhelming. Questions invite answers and solutions.

Because everything is energy and energy moves according to the law of attraction, we want our intention to be on the same vibration as what it is we’re wanting. Jesus didn’t see a person’s illness. He only saw their wholeness. He didn’t say, “Where does it hurt?” or “Are you tired of being sick?” He asked if they wanted to be made well. He only focused on the wholeness, and through their faith, they saw their wholeness as well.
We also co-create our reality through the power of our focused intentions.

In our Keys to the Kingdom class, we wanted to create an affirmation-a powerful intention for our church. We talked about the roof, but we wanted to focus on something that we could see, so we chose the front walkway. The block wall is crumbling in places, but it’s still basically solid. We’d really like for it to look more inviting! In the classes I teach, we have uplifting music and prayer. To create our affirmation, we took a few moments to go within and listen in silence. We closed the silence with prayer, and right away Doug Egbert spoke this affirmation. “I am open to God’s giving abundance in my life.” We expanded it to include the individual, the collective, and our church.

I am open to God’s giving abundance in my life.
We are open to God’s giving abundance in our lives.
Unity is open to God’s giving in our church.
Thank you God for our wonderful walkway!

Charles Fillmore, before his personal healing, said, “Truth principles must prove their worth or they are fraudulent.” This is our opportunity to have our truth principles prove their worth! Would you be willing to join me? Our intention experiment will take place for the next 30 days. From today until Christmas Day, we will agree to meet, in silent soul communion at 8 o’clock every evening. You might want to sit in a quiet place, listen to some music, or pray and meditate to feel the presence of God. Then state these abundance affirmations and hold them in mind for 10 or 15 minutes. Together, we’re creating our reality through the power of our shared intention.

The Society of Silent Help continued to grow and soon they were receiving more than 1000 letters each day. Many of them stories of answered prayers…seeming miracles. Charles, Myrtle, and the Unity workers answered each letter, and eventually there were two “class thoughts” each month. One for healing and the other for prosperity. The Society ultimately became what is now called Silent Unity, Unity’s 24 hour telephone, correspondence, AND internet prayer ministry. If you haven’t ever called them, please do. 1-800-NOW-PRAY. Everything is always working out for us, so be ready for answered prayer!

If you read this far, thank you! Please join in our intention experiment and also join us for each of the Sunday services in December. Tomorrow, December 3rd, is the first day of Advent. Let us prepare our hearts for the birth of the living, loving Christ presence this Christmas season.

Bless you friend. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
In Light and Love,
Rev. Cindy

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