Greetings Friend,
love unifies us

Love, Valentines, and Sweethearts

February is a month of love, valentines, and sweethearts, and I’m happy to say we have a real sweetheart visiting Unity of Dayton on the first Sunday this month. Martha Hall Bowman allows love to well up from the center of her being as she reminds us…The Kingdom of God is within you, the Kingdom of God is around you, the Kingdom of God is everywhere you go! Martha is our guest musician for the 11 am celebration service on February 4th. I invite you to join in sharing the love with Martha this Sunday as she shares her music from the heart.

Ready for Spring!

I’ve always felt like February was the longest month of the year; maybe you’ve felt it as well. Even though February is only 28 or 29 days long, the winter has its gray, icy grip upon Ohio. And probably won’t let go for some time. And, just as nature becomes quiet in preparation for a vibrant springtime, it’s good for us to become still and feel the energy that unifies us with God, our Source. Perhaps you’ll spend a bit more time in prayer-in meditation-and when that love begins to well up from the center of your being, what will you do with that energy?
Are you ready and willing to be a radiating center of Christ Light? Yes! So many of you let your light shine every week during our Sunday services. With greetings, hugs, and conversations, you connect heart to heart with your Unity family. We Are Blessed!

Special Thanks

I’d like to take a moment to give special thanks to all who share their love through sacred service at Unity. Whether you serve as an usher, a musician, a teacher, a “techie,” an office angel, or do grounds work, you add positive vibes to our spiritual home and community, too. Also, being part of Unity is like belonging to a big family. If you’d like to “help with the chores” but aren’t certain how you might best serve, feel free to contact me at We’ll find the best way to put your love into action. Just click on the link and send an email. I’d love to talk with you. Thanks to you for letting God’s love well up from the center of your being. And thanks for making Unity of Dayton the very special place it is!
“Love unifies us with God, our Source, and we know that we are good and true and fearless from within, because we let these God qualities well up from the center of our being.” – Myrtle Fillmore, “Mother of Unity”
In Love and Joy,
Rev. Cindy

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