Greetings Friend,

At Unity of Dayton, we’ve been doing a lot of clearing out lately. Up in the attic, literally hanging over our heads, we found books, magazines, office supplies, and even some old roof shingles from the old red roof we used to have! You may have noticed the extra chairs stacked against the wall in the Sanctuary. We also cleared out the storage unit where we paid a monthly fee to store our old furniture-Rev. Bette’s massive old wooden lectern among other things. We released broken down things that we would never use again.

As I courageously decided what to keep and what to release, it made me wonder how much energy we spend holding onto the past. We spend the vital energy of today to store broken down memories of yesterday. I also noticed how good it feels to clear out the old piles of papers and magazines that were kept “just in case” someone might want them some day!

The first step in freeing up our energy is taking inventory and sorting through the “stuff.” This is as true with our possessions as it is with our thoughts and memories of the past. As I prepare to begin a three month Sabbatical on June 7th, I know I’m going to be taking a personal inventory and sorting through the memories, lessons, and blessings of the past five years. And with that done, my energy will then be freed up to deepen my spiritual journey-it is a time for spiritual renewal.

Many have asked me, “What are your plans while you’re gone?” My truthful response is this… “I’m going to sit on a rock and listen to God.” There’s a pond within walking distance of my home and I’ve found myself drawn there recently. An enormous, flat-topped boulder sits by that pond, and I’ve taken great joy in climbing up there and just sitting… breathing…listening…. For the next few months, I’ll release my usual activities in order to open up and make room for the Divine.

I want to thank each of you for your ongoing support of Unity while I’m on Sabbatical. Thank you for continuing to attend, continuing to serve, and continuing your financial support. Without you, Unity of Dayton would simply cease to be. With you, we co-create a safe and sacred space for personal transformation and spiritual unfoldment.

If you see someone sitting on a rock by a pond this summer, it just might be me. Thank you for this time for renewal. I’m holding you in my heart and in my prayers, knowing that this may be a time for your spiritual renewal as well. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday, June 4th for the 11 am Celebration Service and our Unity Family Picnic. Let us celebrate together, for the best is yet to be!
In gratitude and love,

In gratitude and love,

Rev. Cindy

Our prosperity affirmation:

God is the Source of Unity of Dayton’s limitless supply.

As the Spirit of God works in, through, and as me, I gratefully receive and generously give.

I live in appreciation and am prospered in all my ways. Thank you God!

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