Greetings Friends,

Did you ever set a goal for yourself and then become discouraged because you weren’t able to achieve it? I recall a time when I very much wanted to go to Ministry School, but I wasn’t able to take all of the classes required before I could even apply. I didn’t get off work until 7:30 pm, and the classes I needed at Unity all started at 7:00 pm. Even though it felt like a powerful calling and God-given desire, I didn’t see a way for it to happen. What you and I know, and may not always remember, is that even when there seems to be no way, God makes a way! As I faithfully held to the vision, doors opened, resources became available, and soon I was taking classes at Unity Village in Missouri. And, it was five years ago this month that I began ministry at Unity of Dayton. With God ALL things are possible!

It is with that spirit of possibility that I invite you to hold to a vision for Unity of Dayton. I was thinking the other day that it seems like a very long time since we began to raise money to replace our roof. Though you have all been very generous, the “raise the roof prosperity train” seems to be stalled in its tracks! Are you beginning to wonder if the roof really all that bad? The flat, rubber portion of the roof is now 31 years old. Not many roofs are in good shape after 31 years! Thank God, the patches are holding for now.

Have you begun to wonder if we’ll ever have enough to replace it? Yes, we will! When will that happen? I don’t know all of the answers, but one thing I know for sure. When there seems to be no way, God makes a way!

We get to remember our spiritual principles and our power of mind action. We must believe it before we see it. We must use our faculty of Imagination to visualize the work being done. Even before the roof is replaced, we must feel the joy of having a new roof. Thank you God! Even more importantly, we get to feel the joy of knowing that we are co-creators with God and we can call it into creation. With God all things are possible!

The good news is, we don’t have to know all of the details about HOW it will manifest. We could have a large increase in small donations. We could have a small increase in large donations. It could be some way we haven’t even imagined! When we stop thinking about the “how’s” and each begin asking ourselves, “What is mine to do?” we are moved by Spirit to take inspired action.

The Board of Trustees, Rev. Sue, and I are meeting weekly for a time of prayer and meditation to raise consciousness and visualize the completion of the new roof. Would you please join us? I invite you to set aside fifteen minutes (or more!) each week to visualizing our new roof. Feel the joy as we celebrate the success of this co-creative process. With God, all things are possible. And so, the “raise the roof prosperity train” rolls on! Thank you God!

My love to you,

Rev. Cindy
Our prosperity affirmation:

God is the Source of Unity of Dayton’s limitless supply.

As the Spirit of God works in, through, and as me, I gratefully receive and generously give.

I live in appreciation and am prospered in all my ways. Thank you God!

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