Greetings Friends,

At Unity of Dayton, we’ve decked the halls and preparations are underway for Sunday, December 6th, the day of our annual Christmas Carry-In Dinner. You can celebrate with us! Just bring a covered dish, invite a friend, and join in the fun following the 11 am Celebration service.

I appreciate those who helped decorate our sacred space. What fun to put everything in its place and see the transformation. We welcome you home for the holidays!

I always feel a sense of peace when the room lights are lowered and the Christmas lights are glowing. That sense of peace may be harder for us to find with all of the busyness of Christmastime. When the outer activities around Christmas start to feel overwhelming, I invite you to draw upon the words of Unity’s co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore: “God in the midst of you is a tower of strength and stability. You are filled with the vim, vigor, vitality, and tireless energy of ‘Christ in you,’ and you are renewed every moment of the day.”

On the home front, our Raising the Roof campaign is going very well. Thank you for your special “above and beyond” contributions via the Bill’s Fix-It Fund blue envelopes. We’re in the early planning stages of a very special Silent Auction and other “fun-raisers” to add to the fund, so stayed tuned!

I’m looking forward to seeing you for our special services in the coming weeks. The Christmas Eve candle lighting service is one of my favorites. Attending the Burning Bowl service on New Year’s Eve is the perfect way to release the old. And, to prepare for the new, we’ll have our White Stone Ceremony on Sunday, January 3rd at 11 am. You’ll find more information on our website at

We’re reaching the end of 2015, and looking back, it has been a year of many positive changes in this spiritual community. We’ve also faced some difficult losses. And through it all, we know that God is guiding us to our highest good. And so, we give thanks for the blessings, celebrate the accomplishments, and look forward to a clean slate—a joyous new year.

Finally, I want to thank you for allowing me the honor of serving as your minister. I was ordained in February, 2012, and the next month I began this amazing journey with you. March of 2016, marks my fourth year here. It is a blessing to learn from you, my teachers. Thank you for beholding the Christ in me, as I behold the Christ in you.

This Christmas season, may you pause and make room for Christ Light and Christ Love to glow brightly in the cradle of your heart. May your mind be filled with the peace of God.

In loving service,

Rev. Cindy

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