Greetings Friend,

Give Thanks

The weather has turned colder and change is in the air. As some of you know, Steve recently resigned his position at Unity of Dayton. He has successfully started his own business and now he is a man on the move! We sincerely wish Steve well in all of his endeavors.

I’m very pleased (downright delighted in fact) to announce that we have hired Victoria Haren to be our new part time office assistant. Victoria brings a wealth of spiritual understanding and previous church office experience to Unity. This feels like a Spirit-led decision and that feels very good!

During our October meeting, your Board of Trustees did our quarterly review of our budget and finances. If you’ve been looking at the Sunday bulletin, you’ve probably noticed that our expenses have been exceeding our income more months than not. In order to balance the budget, we considered reducing salaries and eliminating positions. And then… we came to our senses. We remembered the Truth that we know-there is no lack in God. There are many channels, and only one Source of our good. We live, move, and have our being in limitless spiritual Substance. We will not contract in fear. We release thoughts of lack, become open and receptive, and allow abundance to flow freely in our experience. Thank you God!

In November, you’ll be receiving a year-to-date donor statement so you can better plan your tax deductible gifts for 2017. Please call the office if you have any questions regarding your statement. You will, as always, receive a final donor statement in January, 2018.

I also wanted to remind you that Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are both on Sundays this year. We will not have evening services on those Sundays. The Christmas Eve Candle Lighting service will be on December 24th at 11 am during our usual Sunday service. Likewise, the New Year’s Eve Burning Bowl Ceremony will be on December 31st during our usual Sunday service at 11 am.

I believe there is a powerful shift in energy happening right now. So many people have mentioned that they really feel the energy here. A visitor recently commented, “I loved being part of this service. The presence of God is truly here and so filled with love.” That person was feeling God’s love-through YOU! Thank you for sharing your good vibes in this community.

Let us prepare ourselves for the coming holiday season by consciously awakening to spiritual Truth and our True Nature as children of the Most High-living expressions of the Divine. God bless us every one!

In gratitude and love,

Rev. Cindy


NOTE: Our office hours have changed. New office hours are Monday and Tuesday 10 am to 4 pm.

Our prosperity affirmation:

God is the Source of Unity of Dayton’s limitless supply.

As the Spirit of God works in, through, and as me, I gratefully receive and generously give.

I live in appreciation and am prospered in all my ways. Thank you God!

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