Dear Friend of Unity of Dayton,

When I think of August, I think of vacation – a time to explore area parks and rivers or to sit on the deck and watch the squirrels and birds. A different approach to taking time away is meditation. Today is as good a time as any to begin this daily practice that will lift your spirits, clear your mind, and energize your body. Find a quiet time and place where you can relax your body and your mind. Quiet your mind through listening to your breath. Choose a Divine Idea, such as Love, Peace, Joy, Strength, Compassion, and focus only on that idea. Then go within – invite your mind to rest, allow your body to become more peaceful, and let your soul reconnect with Source. Myrtle Fillmore writes, “…turn [your] attention to God, the indwelling Lord, with the happy assurance that all old, disappointing things are dropping away and the healing, peace-giving, joy-filling, prospering ideas of God’s love, life, and substance are filling the mind and heart, quickening, new energies in the body.”  As you spend time in the Silence, you create the space to feel God’s peace and love. Getting away from the busyness of daily routines renews the body, mind, and soul. You will find that there is nothing more fulfilling or satisfying than reconnecting with the Presence of God.  Peace,

Rev. Sue


New experiences and learning new skills are ways to refresh.  This August Unity of Dayton is offering you opportunities to explore, refresh, renew and connect.

Aug. 2, and 16, Healing Without Medicine book study group

Aug. 6, Dr. Shaye, a healer, guest speaker and workshop presenter

Aug. 9, 23, and 30, Meditation service

Aug. 20, Douglas Blue Feather, Native American Flutist, guest speaker and workshop presenter

Aug. 27 Victoria Haren, a healer, guest speaker and meditation workshop presenter

Everyday our labyrinth is available for you to walk. Each labyrinth walk is a different experience. Familiar routines and activities can renew when the presence of Spirit is invited in to the activity.  While you explore area parks and rivers or to sit on the deck and watch the squirrels and birds, carry Spirt into all you do and be refreshed. Whatever your activities this month know the life energy of God flows as you open up to the new. Peace,


Rev. Chase

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